It’s been a busy few weeks in our design office doing what we love best and we are delighted to share some
of the highlights of the last month with you:

-The launch of our new design snack, I Scream COHN, a digital design magazine 
-The launch of a brand new design project, The Well in The Garden Spa at the Cliff at Lyons

-Our January Masterclass, ‘Creating a Calm Space’, which is part of our ongoing COHN masterclass series
-Something for you, a Design Booklet on how to create your own calm space
-Warm Up and Chill Out – How to create an office that energises and relaxes

C O M I N G  T H I S  M O N T H

I   S C R E A M   C O H N


“Design is not an island it’s a response”     Amanda Hallay

We are excited to present our brand new design snack, I Scream COHN, an online design magazine
which will feature monthly just for you. We are passionate about design and we want to share with you
invaluable information and insights into what is shaping the design experiences of global communities.
Each month we research global innovative designs and how it connects us all. We work directly
with trend forecasters, designers and entrepreneurs from New York to London connecting you to
some of the world’s leading design influencers.

L O O K   W H A T   W E   D I D


The Well in The Garden at Cliff at Lyons. Photo by Verona McQuaid

We are proud to announce our latest project, The Well in the Garden, a spa retreat at the
Cliff at Lyons in Kildare, Ireland. The spa is in the Irish countryside set in a historical village dating
back to the 16th century. The spa lies among rolling hills, sprawling gardens and water lily covered ponds.
We designed this tranquil retreat to merge harmoniously with interiors that bring out a sense of
relaxing comfort with simple natural luxury.  To see more please click on the image.

W E   H E L D   A   M A S T E R C L A S S

COHN recently presented a masterclass at the Cliff at Lyons on ‘Creating a Calm Space’.
We provided an all round sensory experience, taking the audience on a journey through the use of
colours, scents, textures, furnishings and finishes; the essential tools in designing your own tranquil space.

COHN team for masterclass, Yelena, Garry & Pille

A   L I T T L E   S O M E T H I N G   F O R   Y O U

From our masterclass, ‘Creating a Calm Space’, COHN designed a publication highlighting all our tips,
recommendations and insights. If you would like to download our bespoke publication, please click on the Image.

W A R M  U P   A N D   C H I L L   O U T


Scandinavia Mets Japan, by Home Designing

Here are some action items to consider helping to create the perfect balance office.
Click on the Image above to find out more.

     D/Vision, trumeau designed by Ferruccio Laviani

In our upcoming March newsletter we look at the principles of Transitional Design: influencing 21st Century.

Until then, depending on what part of the world you are in, wrap up and keep warm or cool down and chill out.

From all at COHN.