Dublin Peter Mark Peter Mark was founded by Peter and Mark Keaveney in 1961, and opened its first salon on Grafton Street in Dublin. Since then, Peter Mark has grown into Ireland’s best known hairdressing brand and one of Europe’s most successful hairstyling groups with 71 salons nationwide. Peter Mark is an award winning European hair fashion and style company committed to constantly reinventing themselves by pushing design boundaries and creating the latest trends in hair.The design of this new salon employs an unconventional use of color providing the customer with an uplifting feeling that is fresh, bold and vibrant.

We wanted to create a design experience that pushed the envelope in a fashion forward direction. The design is inspired by record album graphics of the1950s and 1960s but with updated application of materials that transports this salon cleverly into the 21st century. The use of hidden shadows painted on walls and glass partitions help break up the space creating privacy in an open plan design.

Photographer | Verona McQuaid


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