This design is a modern architectural interpretation of the traditional Celtic Round House in Ireland.

One of the most notable examples of the forward-thinking Celtic culture can be seen in their distinctive dwellings. Celts typically lived in roundhouses, which were – as the name suggests – circular. The most apparent feature of Irish roundhouses and their equivalents elsewhere in the Celtic world is the continuity of form and function.

This contemporary home is inspired by the Celtic design experience and is set in the middle of evergreen forest. The carefully constructed geometry of the house is based on 4 symmetrical round buildings linked together by a central glass atrium. The entrance introduces you directly into the heart of the house and is filled with natural light. Every room has a different perspective view onto the lush forest creating an intimate sensory experience between the viewer and nature. This is truly a unique house where the interior spaces slowly reveal hidden details and secret views of nature.

Designer | Garry Cohn
Architecture Company | ARC Design 


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