C O M I N G  S O O N

We are excited to present a sneak peek of our brand new design snack,
I Scream COHN – an online design magazine.

I Scream COHN, is about Cause and Effect.
Political, Environmental and Innovative events have a ripple effect, we will show you the global response.

Moon Lamp 2016 Designed by Oscar Lhermitte and Kudu

This can be seen in your day to day life from the style of shoes you wear to the car you drive
to the home you live in.  It’s pretty cool to see how a spider exhibit at the New York
Museum of Natural History inspires the design of lace fabrics
resulting in new fashion for men and women.

1.Baya Flip Pink Crocs 2. Pink Crocs 2006 3. Platforms 2017 Designer Balenciaga


Vlisco’s Fabric Exhibition at Museum Helmond, The Netherlands 2017

I Scream COHN is excited to open the doors to the hidden world of design where you choose how to react.
Be part of this design movement that lets you decide your future.

Medusa 1930, Alexander Calder


Our first issue of I Scream COHN is coming soon. Join the movement to create the future where you can be just you.

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