Garry Cohn - 200


A leading figure in the creative industry, Garry Cohn is a native New Yorker whose 30-year career spans many disciplines and continents. His style has been described as the “haute couture” of the interior design world and one that exhibits an intelligent use of style, form and function.He is passionate about redefining modern luxury through equal emphasis on architecture and interior design. Garry loves to shape, surprise and evolve human experience. His passion and commitment to colour invites people into a fully dimensional + multi sensory world. He plays at the edge while tempting us to step closer to enjoy the view.

His portfolio includes award-winning interiors for retail, fashion, luxury hotel and residential projects. He now resides in Dublin, Ireland and brings a fresh New York state of mind to the Irish design scene. A design mixologist Garry’s signature is pastiche and he has a unique talent for combining elements and materials from different eras, genres and styles. Part Tom Ford part Vivienne Westwood he is equally at home with classical luxury brands as the next wave in street fashion and popular culture. Garry has starred as a presenter on the hit television series Design Doctors on RTE 1 (Ireland’s national broadcaster).to all projects.


COHN is a collaborative design studio that incorporates Architecture, Interior Design and Art& Fashion. We are international, cross-disciplined, ambitious and experimental. Our diverse experience and collective intuition bring an informed and unique creative flair to all Cohn projects. We believe design is a storytelling enterprise that enhances human connection. We listen, engage and collaborate to transform our client’s vision into a unique design experience.