Garry Cohn - 200

A leading figure in the creative industry, New Yorker Garry’s 30 year career has spanned many disciplines and continents. His style has been described as the “haute couture” of the interior design world and one that exhibits an intelligent use of style, form and function. His natural talent and discerning eye for detail not only helps to distinguish him as an individual, but also differentiates his clients from the competition. His diverse experience and innate intuition bring an informed and unique creative flair to all projects.

High end brand that breaks the rules of what a high end luxury interior brand by combining common items and turning them into new desirable goods. This is achieved by the use of color and materials that are used in a nontraditional ways. The Cohn brand makes you smile and it rejuvenates you. There is an intelligent blend of play and sophistication. Interior design expands past its four walls and into your life with style. There is no need to restrain yourself from color and design you can have it all.